Lights (overview)

Flexible, self adhesive led strip lights, up to 24 W/m! Universally applicable
Backlighting large areas (0,5 m² to 10 m² or more) at minimum depths (from 3-5 cm). Easy and fast in­stal­lation
High power LED track lights up to 80 W / 9000 lm, with adopter for 3-phase-track-system
Flexible sheet with extremly high bright­ness (> 500 W/m² resp. 50.000 lm/m²), for parti­cularly bright back­lighting
Flexible LED strips with continual light band (dot-free), available in white and RGB
High brightness up to 50 W / 5,000 lm, easy installation, power sup­ply by 230­V, can be looped through
High power side lighting modules, particularly suitable for slim, single and double side lightboxes
Highly flexible led strip, installable in almost any shape, ideal for cabinet and logo lighting
Elegant LED panel lights, round and square, extrabright and ultraslim (from 12 mm). For ceiling, cabinet and much more
LED lights in T5 style, homogeneous light band without shadow­ing, linkable up to 20 m
Flexible plastic coated led strips, lengt max. 50 m. Ideal for light wreaths, backlit of large areas or floor edges
Easy and fast instal­lation with plug-in system. Linkable up to almost 10 m!


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