LED lattice lights

LED lattice lights for easy and fast backlighting large areas, e.g. from z.B. 50 x 50 cm to 20 x 2.5 m or e.g. 15 x 5 m. Depending on version homogenous backlighting possible from 30-50 mm.
High brightness of about 8300 lm/m² at low power consumption of 90 W/m² (RGB version different). Ideal for backlit displays, lightboxes, or for backlighting of whole walls and ceilings.
Also available in waterproof version (IP66) for outdoor use.

Light Brightness Outer size  
LED lattice 244 x 50 cm, 114 W 10800 lm 2440 x 496 x 7 mm Details
RGB LED lattice 242 x 50 cm, 112 W 3120 lm 2420 x 496 x 7 mm Details
LED lattice 250 x 50 cm, IP66, 165 W 16500 lm 2500 x 496 x 7 mm Details

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