Overview of our popular transformer series. Special transformers on request.
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Three phase trans­for­mers according to cus­tomer's speci­fi­cations. 400 V and 230 V from stock, other voltages at short notice.
Isolating transformers 230 V / 230 V, up to a power of 3.2 kVA
Portable isolating trans­formers 230 V, IP44, for supplying electrical tools on building sites
Transformaers (voltage converters) for con­ver­ting 230 V to 110 V - 120 V or 400 V to 200 V - 208 V)
Waterproof safety trans­formers IP65 and IP68, 230 V / 12 V AC or 12 V DC
Transformers to convert three-phase current to single-phase current, custom made, power upto 50 kVA
Send inquiry for a transformer according to your special tech­nical specifications (in- /output voltage, power, IP class, etc.)
High voltage small trans­formers with output voltages of e.g. 1000 V, 2000 V or 3000 V. With or without enclosure
Search for transformer by technical speci­fi­ca­tions (like in- and output voltage, power, etc.)

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