The Company

Taunus Transformatoren GmbH was established in 1987 in Rosbach vor der Höhe, Germany. The company was named after the Taunus, a range of low mountains located in our area. Initial production included just two types of transformers for halogen lighting.

However, news about our high quality made the rounds and with increasing demand, our product range expanded steadily to include transformer types for a wide variety of applications.

Within just a few years, the continuing success and growth required to move to a new, significantly larger factory site in nearby Friedberg where Taunus transformers are still produced today.

Here a team of highly motivated specialists makes sure that the high quality of the transformers, which are now used all over the world, remains consistent.

In this way, Taunus transformers used in remote areas of Russia or in the extreme conditions of an airport at the Arctic circle are just as reliable as those used in the dazzling sun in the United Arab Emirates or in California or in Olympic sports stadiums in Athens.

Factory site in Germany

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