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Movable isolating transformer 400 V, IP54, 20 kVA

Mobile/movable isolating transformer for use on building sites or on revision works. Robust metal housing, IP54, on castors, with transport lugs.
Input 3 x 400 V with 32 A-CEE plug. Output 3 x 400 V with 32 A-CEE socket (continuous nominal power 3 x 28.9 A).
Primary safety temperature limiter and fault-current circuit braker. Secondary automatic circuit breaker.

Type-no. 240 492 020
Type Isolating transformer
Intended use Safe operation of electrical tools on buildings sites
Voltage Primary 3 x 400 V  /  Secondary 3 x 400 V
Power 20000 VA
Input Built-in CEE plug (32 A)
Output CEE socket outlet (32 A)
Protection class IP 54
Size / weight 710 x 640 x 880 mm  /  205.0 kg.
Origin Made in Germany
Remarks Other designs and powers on request: Inquiry formular
Standard delivery time 1-2 days
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Price € 6166.40 VAT excl.

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